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Ayla Thomas

Hi there, my name is Ayla and I grew up right here in Calgary. I am a hairstylist, yoga teacher and Reiki Master.

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Holding Space for YOU

One of the many reasons I choose to do this work is because I LOVE working with people, and I do feel on a deep, spiritual level that this is my calling. Reiki is such a special experience, and I want to share that and hold space for others who are seeking this amazing work on their journeys.

Embracing Purpose

Reiki has helped me to transform my entire life – moving through dysfunctional patterns, creating space in my life for new and wonderful things to enter where others have fallen away, and completely changed my self-care routines. I have expanded so much since this journey began, and embraced my true purpose in this life.

Ayla is a gem. She’s kind, compassionate, and holds space for you on your worst day and your best day too. Reiki with Ayla is awesome. She guides you gently to your intention and then allows big energy to travel through so you can make the shifts you need in your life. Amazing!!

Geneva Robins
Geneva Robins

A Divinely Guided Path

Every single thing I do in life, I have been led to in some round-about fashion that I didn’t anticipate or understand at the time – which is what I have come to love and understand about the universe and how it works in magical and mysterious ways.

After graduating high school, I started out at Mount Royal for two years in the education program. I was going to be an elementary or a high school teacher, with a minor in drama. After my practicum, I decided it didn’t feel quite right somehow but was completely lost for what to do next. My boyfriend at the time linked me up with someone he knew through work, asking if he needed a receptionist at the salon he owned. I worked there for a few years at the front desk, LOVING it and not wanting to go. I eventually landed on doing hair, after realizing there was clearly a reason I had ended up working at the salon. I went to hair school and began my career in 2011 at that same salon, and I am still there today!

I love reiki because it is such an interesting experience each and every time, whether I am the person receiving the Reiki, or the person facilitating the session.

Ayla Thomas

My Reiki Journey

I began my journey with wellness while living overseas in New Zealand in 2016. I had followed a man there and realized that’s not quite why I was there. I was rather lonely, and found the yoga community there to be a place that felt like “home.” I went to take a 200 hr intensive yoga teacher training on the South Island in Golden Bay, and taught full time there for a while, before realizing shortly after, that I had completely outgrown my relationship. It was time to come home.

Upon my return to Calgary in January of 2017, Reiki found me and drew me in, as it does, and I began my training in early 2018. My life has never been the same, and for that, I am truly grateful. I found purpose, connection to others and to the divine, grew curious about energy work and learned to incorporate it into my own self-care habits and how to facilitate Reiki healing sessions for others.

Then you choose to rise, you never walk alone. When you choose to rise you tap into the collective strength of an ocean of women who, despite the circumstances, found the courage to rise.

Rebecca Campbell

What I LOVE to do!

I meditate and journal daily, as well as incorporate movement into my spiritual practice with yoga. I use the Angel Spacesuit Planner throughout my week to keep me on track with my intentions and goals. (It’s a magical little tool!) I make sure to connect with it every single Tuesday to meditate on what I need to be doing for the week following, so I can continue to grow and expand, and keep organized with all my many passions.

I am super into writing, reading, learning, being in nature, teaching yoga, doing yoga, creating for my vision board, painting, exercising and organizing. I love all things wellness related, and am currently working on some amazing yoga workshops for the future!

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Winter 2021 Course Dates

Level I 1
Level II 2

   Reiki Level I – $750 (including GST)
   Sundays, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
   February 21 to April 18, 2021

  • Root – February 21
  • Sacral – February 28
  • Solar Plexus – March 7
  • Heart – March 14
  • Throat – March 21
  • Third Eye – March 28 (no class April 4)
  • Crown – April 11
  • Aura – April 18

   Reiki Level II – $750 (including GST)
   Tuesdays, 6:00 – 9:00 pm
   Jan. 19 to March 16, 2021

  • Root – Jan 19
  • Sacral – Jan 26
  • Solar Plexus – Feb 2
  • Heart – Feb 9 (no class Feb 16)
  • Throat – Feb 23
  • Third Eye – Mar 2
  • Crown – Mar 9
  • Aura – Mar 16