Reiki Master

Alisia Nhoeuk

Hi, I’m Alisia. I’m a Reiki Master at LunaHolistic.

Reiki changed my outlook on life. It allows me to connect with others and see their sparkle even when they can’t. Reiki brings it back!

The magic of Reiki

Bright, sparkles, glowing and warmth is my definition of Reiki. It has allowed me to recreate my life every day and to shine bright.

I love to work with individuals who allow me to hold space for them. I am honoured to be their conduit when needed. My experiences have encouraged me to continue to grow day in and day out, and in return, love myself and others fully.

Gifted Intuition

My gifts in this world are the clear visions I can see during the Reiki process, if a person is open to me seeing their messages, they appear crystal clear. I express my experiences to them as needed. I love to empower people by giving them a straight answer with no BS and a sparkle to end our meetings!

What continues to inspire me about Reiki is the consistent response of feedback, “I feel a warmth from your hands, and I can actually feel the energy moving, most of all I am calm during the whole process.” To me, that means this works, every dang time!

Close to my heart

In my spare time, my two little boys, my husband and I go on adventures and love life to its fullest. We love to play tag, boating, hiking, and going for delicious dinners!

I have done a ton of Reiki on children. My oldest son every night before bed, asks me to bring in the magic, so he doesn’t get nightmares. It brings so much joy to my heart every night he asks.

Alisia is a spark of light. She’s a naturally gifted intuitive and she deeply connects to the heart of the issue to give you the best Reiki session possible. Her insights are invaluable to help you get clear on what guidance you need for your next step on your path.

She’s dedicated and passionate in everything she does and this includes Reiki. After a session with her, expect to feel inspired, uplifted, and blessed.

Geneva Robins
Geneva Robins