We’re very happy to welcome you back to in-person sessions at our lovely new space. Masks are mandatory.

Reiki Courses are now in-person with an option to attend ONLINE to accommodate travel and isolation requirements.

stay safe. stay healthy. stay connected.


Regular Price
$160 / 1 - 90 minutes
Package of 10
$1,100 / 10 - 90 minutes
Equity Rate
$120 / 1 - 90 minutes


Trilotherapy is a method designed by Zen Master Nissim Amon of Israel to help create inner balance between the desires of the heart and the guidance of the rational mind.


Through a series of workshops using ideas and techniques from both Eastern philosophies and Western medicine, you will gain insight into your two inner children, the Heart and the Mind. You will discover how to help these two get along in order to bring your true self, the Center, into complete balance and harmony and to achieve happiness on a new level.


Workshops involve meditation, exploration of your inner child, written exercises, elements of movement, mindful breathing exercises. The full program involves completion of 10 workshops or you may select one or two workshops upon the advice your practitioner.

COVID-19 Safety Steps

Due to COVID-19, you must wear a mask while you are in our space to protect our most vulnerable staff and clients. Please bring your own water bottle, notepad and pen.
Wait in your car until we call you in so we can sanitize and stagger arrivals. Your practitioner will message you when you can come in.