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ONLINE Services

We’ve got you. Here are our services we can offer online or over the phone!

No matter where you are in the world, we can send you Reiki. The results are absolutely amazing!

Reiki comes from the energy that exists beyond space and time.

Because of this effect, Reiki works at great distances as easily as it can across a room. 

What's Involved?

1. Book Your Session

Carefully read below for details on how to book a session with your practitioner.  Each practitioner has a different booking system and payment method. Be sure to check with them or follow the booking link instructions to set up your appointment.

Make sure you are able to fully relax during your appointment time.

2. Get Cosy

You’ll be on the phone or on zoom (an online web call) the whole session. It works best if you can be on speaker phone or on a headset, so you can completely relax to receive Reiki.

Just click on the link in your appointment confirmation email or call your practitioner at your appointment time.

3. Share and Set your Intention

At the beginning of the session, you’ll discuss the focus of the Reiki session with your practitioner and the two of you will work together to develop a strong, positive intention.

Don’t worry about having your intention figured out in advance, that’s what we’re here for!

4. Relax and Recieve!

In the distance session, all you have to do is relax and be willing to receive the Reiki energy. Your practitioner may do a bit of a guided relaxation or coach you to breathe deeply at different points of the session to help the energy flow and shift.

5. Share Experiences

The last few minutes of the appointment are reserved for sharing the experiences, images, and messages you and your practitioner experienced.

This can be one of the most profound aspects of Distance Reiki.

Distance Reiki is Cool

If you’ve never had a Distance Reiki session before, we want you to know that it’s seriously cool and a wonderful way to enhance your well-being, especially now.

Reiki comes from the energy that exists beyond space and time.

From our perspective as Reiki Practitioners, we do EXACTLY the same thing to send you Reiki as we would in-person.

The only difference is that we don’t have our hands on your physical body.

The energy works beautifully at a distance and you get the same massive shifts in emotion or in your body as you would in person, if not more so.


It’s amazing. Learn more about how it works here.

Geneva Robins Geneva Robins
Geneva Robins

To book ONLINE Distance Reiki or Energetic Eight Business Coaching sessions with me, please click the link.

Ayla Thomas Ayla Thomas
Ayla Thomas

To book ONLINE Distance Reiki, Life Coaching, or Distance Card Reading sessions with me, please click the link.

Kyla Shepherd Kyla Shepherd
Kyla Shepherd

To book ONLINE Distance Reiki sessions with me, please click the link.