Transformation, Peace, Connection

Our Sessions

We’re dedicated to helping you come home to yourself.

Reiki Sessions

This is our jam! 

Reiki helps you move through emotional and energetic obstacles. When that old stuff is cleared you are free to live your truest and best life. Reiki can help with all kinds of things and is guided by your powerful intention to change.

Aligned with spirit

We are here for you.

Intuitive Readings

Divine Information

We have messages for you. Unlocked by your questions, the intuitive readings here will give you the clarity you are seeking and illuminate your own powerful intuition. 

Asked and answered

Receive guidance and clarity

Sound Healing

All life is vibration.

Sound healing uses the pure vibration of sound to transform and clear the energy of body, mind, and soul. When you receive a sound healing session, you allow the energy within the singing bowls to harmonize you to the energy of the universe.

Find harmony

Clear and uplift your energy


Feel balance as you return to the center.

Achieve happiness on a new level. Trilotherapy is a series of workshops that involve meditation, exploration of your inner child, written exercises, elements of movement, mindful breathing exercises. 

Return to center

Balance the heart and mind

Health Coaching

Whole health includes the whole YOU.

Each health coaching session will guide you to access the deep wisdom within you to overcome blocks to your well-being. Enjoy a  fully integrative approach to your health and well being that will activate vitality on every level.

Feel Amazing

Get support as you transform

Holistic Business Mentoring

Activate your LIGHT in the world and make a nice living doing it!

Build your business with a balanced and flowing approach. Get in alignment with the flow of the Universe. Reach the people you are meant to help. Lead a comfortable life, fully supported by your career of the soul. 

Do what you love

Get to work lightworker!