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Self-healing is nourishing for body, mind, and soul.

Light up and Shine Bright

Self-Healing is a tremendously important part of what we do here at LunaHolistic. The idea is that you cannot truly help another person unless you are willing to help yourself — first!

Don’t get us wrong! We love helping. It is really, truly, one of the greatest things we can do here on this planet. But to be truly compassionate and give our best service to others, we also must allow in what we give.

Self-healing balances out the universe. As we get good at receiving, more energy, light, and wisdom are available. Not just for us, but for everyone.

We hope you enjoy this self-healing meditation. You’re worth it baby!

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Get a Reiki Session Get a Reiki Session
Get a Reiki Session

Totally relax and receive all the healing energy you need with a Reiki session from one of our lovely and kind practitioners.

As part of your self-care routine, Reiki gives you an amazing boost of energy that leaves you feeling calm, centered, and clear.

Take a course Take a course
Take a course

Whether you are learning for your own healing, or you are interested in helping others, Reiki offers a solid addition to your spiritual practice. 

We have Level I (Self-Healing) courses beginning soon. Check out the course details, we offer a full-meal deal in our classes with lots of little extras.

Try a workshop Try a workshop
Try a workshop

Everything from meditation, intention setting and manifesting, essential oils, and spiritual expansion is covered in these 2 – 3 hour workshops.

Like a lovely little getaway, these workshops are mini-retreats that will return you to your centre. A nice affordable way to add a touch of magic to your life.

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