There’s a Way

Do you have a guiding intention? A statement that you say to yourself that can pull you through anything?

Maybe it’s a theme song, a powerful image or feeling that guides your internal compass.

If so, you have a miracle in your pocket. Yay! Intention setting and a positive mindset are the most powerful tools right now.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a guiding intention yet! We can help you get there.

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You can always choose a new thought

You are powerful. Your ability to create and focus your attention and energy is phenomenal. 

And I really mean that. You can create phenomena. 

Just simply by visualizing an outcome, it can occur. 
That focus, on what you want, begins shifting energy within you. 

When the energy shifts, everything else can too. I would venture to say that nothing material can shift until the energy shifts first. 

Shifting energy is as simple as shifting your point of focus. Choosing to focus on a positive intention, looking for a solution, noticing how things are getting better, all of this brings a powerful energy forward. This shift in the energetic tone that fills up your bubble, your aura, begins the heavy work of shifting your experience. 

Since matter is slower and heavier than thought, it has more inertia to it. 

Thoughts and energy materializes instantly, but matter takes longer. This is really good. It means that we don’t need to fear the instant outcome of our negative thoughts. But it does kick up the heat around developing mental discipline over which thoughts are worth having. 

Another factor working in our favour is that positive thoughts are far, far stronger than negative ones. This is why only a brief time spent affirming a positive statement has such huge effects, even if our normal mental tone is quite dismal. 

Choosing a positive thought is also fully within our power. We can override the negative self talk by deliberately ignoring it and replacing it with its opposite. Even a tiny nudge can begin the process of shifting the energy and then the matter. Positivity creates movement. 

When things start moving, anything is possible. 

Trusting your nose: Pathfinding and other things 

Travelling is wonderful. The challenge of the journey creates a present, mindfulness that sharpens your experience. 

The trick is to keep the same attentiveness in your day to day life that you would if you knew that you only had two weeks left on the vacation clock. Ticking away. 

The truth is… you don’t really know. You don’t know how long your journey to earth will be. There is no guarantee of an old age. 

Rather than freak out or forget this concept – seek the middle road – stay attentive, open, learning, witnessesing, absorbing, savour all of life and truly live. 

Are you sure you really want this?

So, a funny thing happened the moment I decided to return to blogging daily…

It crashed. My website, it crashed hard. My access to the backend of my site was completely FUBARed. Even now, I am not sure if my words will just pop into the ethereal internet abyss.

I am a huge fan of reading the synchronicities of life. I always explore the metaphors encoded in the randomness. The meaning of each event is instant feedback on how I am sending out my signal to the universe. I can see where I am, energetically, by looking at my results.

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You are Powerful!

Consider a time when you took a leisurely stroll through a park in your city or town. You were embracing and experiencing the sights and sounds of Nature and letting her speak to your soul. Now think about other times you walked in the same park, same conditions, and all you could experience was the drone of your own confused thoughts and feelings.

What made the difference between these two experiences?

A choice.

Just a simple decision to listen deeply, beyond the chatter of ego and illusion and hear the wisdom within.

That difference in experience can occur, no matter what is going on in your life, no matter how many deadlines or busy-ness your life includes. It can happen the instant you choose to listen to the wise, old soul you really are and let that wisdom guide your life.

Intention can shift everything. It works best with simple, straightforward sentences that can be held in the mind. Intentions can also be a word, a phrase, or an image that can anchor you in the energy you are wanting to manifest. A visualization of being happy, healthy, whole and complete is the best and simplest intention to hold. You can also add to that mental picture any goal you wish to attain of any healing you want to occur. It is important to visualize the result of what you want as already completed. If you really want to move forward in your life, you must surrender the illusion of powerlessness you have had until now. You are powerful.

You are more powerful than you can even imagine. You, and you alone, have the power to completely shift every aspect of your life. No exceptions. Not one other person needs to understand this but you in order to change your life experience.

You are powerful. More powerful than you can imagine. I had to write that again. I need to emphasize this point very strongly, because if you get nothing else from this post, know this… YOU ARE POWERFUL!

The entire universe flows in response to decisions. Simple choices, really. Left or right? Blue or orange? Yes or no? These tiny, daily choices form the basis of our very lives. A positive intention hones and focuses these tiny choices into deliberate acts of self love. Intention allows us to mindfully choose our lives instead of haphazardly following the flow of other people’s decisions. We focus, we choose, we live. In the process, we find the true source of happiness was within us all along.



One of my favourite concepts is the power of focus. Indeed, focus is all meditation is – deliberately focusing on a chosen thought. Being able to hold your mind steady in the midst of chaos is really the training that happens when we sit in meditation.

“Look at the road, not the ditch”

There is incredible power in deliberately turning our gaze away from the problem so we can focus on the solution. Solutions do not live in the same space problems do. I am not saying that it is wise to ignore important issues, quite the opposite. It is useful to look squarely at what troubles us, but lingering – wallowing – in a problem does not serve anyone.

Whenever an issue comes up in my life, I wallow (ok, yes, still a human being here) for a time. Then I go on a hunt for meaning, context and solutions. I look for the lessons, growth and joy that have sprung from the difficult times. And they are always there. There are always lessons, growth and joy in the midst of every problem.

Ultimately, it is not our problems that define us but our response to them. In that, we have a powerful opportunity in every second to choose “Who do I want to be? What kind of choices does that person make? How can I make this better? How can I contribute to change, even if it is small?”

When I encounter disturbing world news, I avoid hopelessness and despair, by focusing on the possibility that the situation might change. I daydream about what might be needed to help. I visualize the solution. I focus my thoughts on the knowledge that in this huge world there is at least one skilled, talented and compassionate person who has dedicated their life to solving this problem. I visualize the money, resources and connections needed by that person, flowing to them easily and freely.

From that place, I might do a bit of searching to see if I can donate to a cause that might help. Or share a video that inspires create solutions and thought. I search out people and organizations that are genuinely helping and support them.

Shifting focus contains the seeds of hope and joy.

Illumination Meditation

This illumination meditation was inspired by a dialogue with my higher, wiser self as a way to integrate spiritual knowledge into physical reality. It will leave you feeling refreshed and filled with Divine Light.


Please let me know what your experience is. 🙂

Illumination Meditation


This is a home recorded meditation, so please accept its highly original, hand-made quality.