Ooh I love this Class!

I say this every time I teach Reiki, “I love this one!” And I really do. Each class offers it’s own source of revelation and inspiration. There is working through the material, sure. But the sharing that happens in every class always has something to teach me. I’m always excited to learn something new. As much as I love teaching, I find these many moments of learning to be a delight.

At the beginning of each class we spend a few minutes in meditation and then we share what we experiences over the week before. It is always enlightening, I am often blown away by the patterns within each share and how our individual lessons often revolve around one larger theme. We are all learning the same lessons,but with our own unique perspectives. Some random comment made by one person, creates a radical shift for another. It often comes down to how we phrase the idea, just a slightly different usage of words makes all the difference.

This is why the world needs you. Your voice, your perspective, your unique experience and sharing. The way you describe these concepts, of health, development, manifestation and energy, is so very different than mine. How you describe things is different, which means that you can reach a different group of people than me. And more than ever before, people need to hear these messages of worthiness, empowerment, and healing.

It can be easy to hide behind our mentors and teachers. Thinking that we cannot possibly say it any better than them, so why is there a need for my words on the subject. Why should I write my book when there are hundreds out there basically saying the same thing, It is easy. So simple. There is no one exactly like me out there. There is no one exactly like you either. It all comes down to the paradox of humanity, we are all the same, with the same basic wishes and desires, and yet we are each our own unique expression in the world.

This is so mind blowingly difficult to grasp, same yet different, that we need many, many, many different versions of the same message for it to get through. So yes! Your voice is needed. Please share it.


Few things are as wondrous as the pure stream of consciousness conversational style of a five year old. It is a brilliant age where they have the speech and cognitive skills to have some very clear insights into the world around them.

There is almost no post-processing of their thoughts. There is no editor, no self-depreciation and no shame. It is marvellous.

As a parent I always ride that thin line between teaching values, of politeness and social graces, and allowing free expression of thought and emotion.

I have heard it often said that we are most ourselves when we are three, before the societal lessons have taken root and we edit our behaviour to fit in with the crowd. In someways I feel that to be true, but I also think it can mislead people on a spiritual/self-development quest.

Life with others is a balance between meeting the needs of the group and meeting the needs of the individual. Both are necessary and adaptive. We rely on others for protection, support and nurturance. The life of a hermit is not a very appealing option. Somehow we have to seek harmony with a select group of loved ones.

We also need individual expression. We need to be ourselves and have the freedom to choose some basic aspects of our lives.

What I am finding is that there is great joy in discovering that magic balance point for myself. I need more freedom and autonomy than most. But I also crave connection and harmony. I find outer harmony easily, the second I turn inward and find it within.

So I have begun to step away from praising 3 or 4 or 5 as the ideal age, and I have begun to embrace the wisdom of experience mixed with the enthusiasm of youth. There is no right age to be. There is only right now.