Reiki Family: What is it like growing up in a spiritual family?

Walk into the front door of my mom’s house and you’ll immediately see a smudge station. A sign with the cheeky phrase, “Go smudge yourself,” painted on the wall. A mason jar is wired on holding a large sage bundle.

This is the custom. If you can make it past the Ganesh statue on the front porch, take off your boots and stay awhile, but you’ll have to clear your energy first.

Join us for tea and notice the crystal shelf in the shape of a pyramid, chakras hung down the wall and feel free to pick an oracle card out of the jar. Share the messages you’ve received. All of these things have been normal to me, that is until someone at LunaHolistic asked me what it was like to have Reiki parents.

Growing up my parents gave me the utmost freedom.

They went to mediums and spiritualist churches. They talked about prosperity consciousness and Louise Hay. They always told me thoughts were things and that I could choose my destiny.

When I was 8, my aunt came to visit from Gabriola Island with my Buddhist uncle. She read my palm. She fed me eggplant.

As I got older, I knew other parents didn’t operate the way mine did. My friends were jealous of how my parents “reasoned” with me rather than punish me.

As an adult, I realized having an alive and vivacious spiritual life, with my parents encouraging me and my wild thoughts was exactly what I needed in this lifetime.

My parents taught me to question everything.

The difficulty has been getting along with other people who would energetically persecute those who think like me and my parents do.

Although I was baptized and confirmed into the Catholic faith, my parents taught me to question everything and there I had complete choice in my faith.

I did learn that in order to have friends in my Catholic school, I better not talk about spirituality or the messages I was receiving. I learned to put a lid on my experiences to fit in.

This was a necessary skill I learned in adolescence that would later serve me when I married into a very Catholic family. Lucky for me, Catholics believe in the unseen and the miracles Jesus performed, and I can totally get behind the miracles—the wonder.

Although my beliefs do not follow a rigid dogma, I was able to translate everything my in-laws were saying to me so that I can speak their language and still connect with them.

My biological family is connected through spirituality.

When we learn the powerful healing art of Reiki, we become connected to all of our brothers and sisters, teachers and students. We get deep and vulnerable quickly. As a teacher, I have often heard my students say that they cannot connect in the same way with their family and friends outside of the Reiki bubble.

My strategy? To bring my biological family into what I do. I have had the honour to take all of my Reiki levels alongside my mom, teach alongside my mom, teach my dad up until Level III and teach my husband up until Level II.

Teaching my husband … there was a moment that made the whole experience worth it.

My husband was by far my most difficult student. He only took Reiki with me because I wanted someone with the “Reiki symbols” at my third birth and he didn’t want too many people in our space.

I’ll admit I was resistant. He had some trauma in his early life, and he wanted nothing to do with meditation — a major component of Reiki training. He expressed his anger openly and together we often covered up our discomfort by giving each other jabs in class. It was awkward at the best of times. We got through it, and he became certified as a Reiki Level II practitioner.

There was a moment on our living room floor that made the whole experience worth it. He looked at me out of the blue and said, “you know this energy stuff you talk about? I finally get it.” When I was giving birth, he saw a giant Eagle fly off my shoulders.

I’m grateful to share my experiences with them.

When I look at my childhood experiences from the lens of an outsider, I realize how blessed I am to have a Reiki family.

It has allowed me to come home from a class and explain all the visions, meditation experiences, and pattern recognition to my husband without confusion or sideways glances. I can call my parents for spiritual advice, and they help me maintain my inner compass, always pointing me towards my True North.

It has allowed me to be strong in my beliefs without pushing them on other people, to be comfortable within myself and to be the best leader and entrepreneur I can be.

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Samantha Baldwin is a Reiki Master and is the founder of Goddess Reiki, a Reiki course, based on the LunaHolistic style, that journeys you through all of the basics of Reiki with the Divine Feminine Goddess right alongside these life-altering concepts.
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