Signs of Spring: Little love notes from the Universe

Spring begins in the depths of winter.  There is always the hidden promise of warmer weather and easier times.

Just like the seasons, our lives are just cycles within cycles. Our wishes begin manifesting not when we receive them, but right in the moment of decision. Right at the moment where we begin to think, “There must be something more”, that is when the seeds are sown.

Gratitude and appreciation are the sun and rain that allow possibility to blossom into reality. Noticing even the tiniest sign that things are getting better creates forward momentum. We received our results earlier because the intensity of our energy is directed towards what we want.

Look for something tiny. Some tiny sign that all you have been asking for all your life is on its way. Open up to the possibility that you are worthy of this because you exist. Notice all the ways the Universe is trying to deliver it to you.

Say thank you.

You are Powerful!

Consider a time when you took a leisurely stroll through a park in your city or town. You were embracing and experiencing the sights and sounds of Nature and letting her speak to your soul. Now think about other times you walked in the same park, same conditions, and all you could experience was the drone of your own confused thoughts and feelings.

What made the difference between these two experiences?

A choice.

Just a simple decision to listen deeply, beyond the chatter of ego and illusion and hear the wisdom within.

That difference in experience can occur, no matter what is going on in your life, no matter how many deadlines or busy-ness your life includes. It can happen the instant you choose to listen to the wise, old soul you really are and let that wisdom guide your life.

Intention can shift everything. It works best with simple, straightforward sentences that can be held in the mind. Intentions can also be a word, a phrase, or an image that can anchor you in the energy you are wanting to manifest. A visualization of being happy, healthy, whole and complete is the best and simplest intention to hold. You can also add to that mental picture any goal you wish to attain of any healing you want to occur. It is important to visualize the result of what you want as already completed. If you really want to move forward in your life, you must surrender the illusion of powerlessness you have had until now. You are powerful.

You are more powerful than you can even imagine. You, and you alone, have the power to completely shift every aspect of your life. No exceptions. Not one other person needs to understand this but you in order to change your life experience.

You are powerful. More powerful than you can imagine. I had to write that again. I need to emphasize this point very strongly, because if you get nothing else from this post, know this… YOU ARE POWERFUL!

The entire universe flows in response to decisions. Simple choices, really. Left or right? Blue or orange? Yes or no? These tiny, daily choices form the basis of our very lives. A positive intention hones and focuses these tiny choices into deliberate acts of self love. Intention allows us to mindfully choose our lives instead of haphazardly following the flow of other people’s decisions. We focus, we choose, we live. In the process, we find the true source of happiness was within us all along.


Intention is the Force that moves Energy

Everything that you have, accomplish, own, or do, begins with an intention. Whether it is aloud, or not, whether it is known or not, whether it is a conscious choice or a subconscious one, intention is the force that moves energy.
The goal of most self development work, and Reiki is no exception, is to begin to make deliberate conscious choices in every aspect of our lives. To choose what we focus our thoughts and feelings on is our true power. Much of our day to day lives are driven by instinctual behaviour and habitual thoughts. We respond without thinking and think without reason, we reason without intuition, and we cloud our deep intuitive impulses with numbing behaviours that drown out the very loud, very persistent calling of our souls.
Intention quote
Or, at least, that is what can happen if we do not spend the time to turn inward toward your Inner Being or Higher Self, your soul, if you will. Turning inward can be as simple as taking a deep breath; a few moments of meditation in a busy day; a stroll in nature; a gaze and the moon and stars in wonder of the mystery.
Quiet times like these are when your deep intuitive voice, your soul’s voice, can be heard the clearest. That wise voice gives you insight, understanding and context to your current life situation. It can provide the wise guidance you need to set an intention that is in your highest and best good.


Reiki can help this process of turning inward and focusing on your soul’s voice. As soon as you set your intention, the energy begins.

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