Rainbow Tree: Chakra Balancing for Kids

I’ve been using this little exercise with my son lately to help him settle in at home after a busy day at school and to help alleviate his nightmares. Kids, just like adults, need time everyday to connect into their power and access the spiritual energies that are available to them. Adults, or children with experience, have the ability to sit still in meditation to rejuvenate themselves. Kids, however, tend to not have the patience for sitting still, especially after a long day at school being told to do exactly that!

This Rainbow Tree exercise is an active, standing meditation that let’s kids have some fun while they are grounding, filling up their chakras and aura with light. At the end, they feel safe, protected, and balanced. Their natural sweetness rises to the surface and they are more themselves, their true selves, the magnificent beings they really are.

This is wonderful to do before and after school or before bedtime. Sensitive, spiritual kids really love it and will even teach you a thing or too about healing with energy! Be prepared to learn more than you teach!

Step 1.
Plant your roots!

Get your child to stand up tall and go through the actions together. Be a role model and keep it fun and upbeat. Talk them through each step.

Plant your toes into the ground and grow your roots right into the middle of the earth. Nice big roots that go down, down, down, into the ground. Nice and strong!



Step 2.
Grow your tree!

Now stretch your branches (your arms) way up into the sky. Stretch way up to the sun! Now wiggle your leaves (your fingers). And sway in the wind (move your arms from side to side over your head while keeping your ‘roots’ firmly planted.)


Step 3.
Fill up your Rainbow!

Next you will be guiding your child to place her hands on each chakra and fill up with that chakra’s colour. Go from crown to root (hips) and slide your hand all the way down your legs.

Fill up the top of your head with purple light.
Your forehead with dark blue light.
Your throat with light blue light.
Your heart with green!
Your tummy with yellow light.
Under your belly button with orange light.
Fill your hips with red light and fill up all the way down your legs right down to your toes.



Step 4.
Fill up your Energy Bubble!

Guide your child to fill up his aura from fee to above his head. Move your hands in a big arc around your body as you stand up. Finishing with your hands above your head.

Fill up your energy bubble with white light. All the way above your head and all around your body to 100%!



Let me know how you and your kids respond to this little exercise!


Present reminders


Every time
I think
That today
Is dull,
A little face
Pops in front
Of my vision,
And says
Let’s play!

Illumination Meditation

This meditation was inspired by a dialogue with my higher, wiser self as a way to integrate spiritual knowledge into physical reality. It will leave you feeling refreshed and filled with Divine Light.


Please let me know what your experience is. 🙂

Illumination Meditation


This is a home recorded meditation, so please accept its highly original, hand-made quality. If you would like a snazzy, high quality set of my meditations, please check out my meditation CD here.

Meditation – Writing to Your Cells

This a meditation to access the wisdom in your cells. It is part meditation and part writing exercise. Listen to the audio file in a quiet place with a pen and some paper handy. At the end of the meditation, go directly into the writing exercise by answering the following questions from the perspective of the innate wisdom of your cells. Write down these questions before you begin the meditation, or have them in a handy location.

Ask your cells:

  1. How are you protecting me?
  2. How are you teaching me to be creative?
  3. How are you teaching me to be strong?
  4. How have you made me more compassionate?
  5. How have you taught me to speak up and ask for what I need?
  6. How are you teaching me to follow my intuition?
  7. How have you taught me about connection? How have you connected me with new people, places or thoughts?
  8. How can I integrate your knowledge into my daily life to soothe your signals?
Let me know how it works for you!

Writing to your Cells Meditation


Here is a transcript of the meditation:

Get comfortable.

Sit with your spine straight, your arms gently resting on your lap.

Take a deep breath in.

As the breath flows out,

Allow your shoulder blades to release down your back.

Open up the space in your chest and breathe.

Bring your awareness to your breath.

Let your attention follow your breath,

All the way in.

Through your nose,

through your airways,

and down into your lungs.

Follow your breath out.

From the bottom of your lungs,

Through your airways,

And out your nose.

Breathe slowly

Breathe gently

Allow your breath to get softer, smoother, more rhythmic

Let your inhalations match your exhalations.

in  and out.

Gently let your breath follow the rhythms of your body.

Turn your senses inward.

Notice the rhythm of your heart.

Feel it on a subtle level.

Give thanks to your heart for its joyful tempo.

Your heart is the metronome of your life.

Listen to its quiet music now.

Feel the rhythm of your heart echo in your cells.

Listen to the song in your cells.
Listen to the harmonious chorus.

Listen to your cells on a subtle level.

Give thanks to the trillions of cells that make up your body.

Your cells joyfully follow the rhythm of your heart.

There is great wisdom here, in your cells.

Allow that immense wisdom and joy and love

that your cells have for you

Radiate, Shine.
Let every cell in your body shine.
Each cell loves you unconditionally.

They are like faithful little pets that only want to please you and serve you.

They are so pleased to be with you on your journey through this time and space.

Some of these cells may be asking for your attention.

They have wisdom to share.

Allow the wisdom, love and guidance that is here for you to

flow through you now.

Ask your cells these questions.

How are you protecting me?

How are you teaching me to be creative?

How are you teaching me to be strong?

How have you made me more compassionate?

How have you taught me to speak up and ask for what I need?

How are you teaching me to follow my intuition?

How have you taught me about connection? How have you connected me with new people, places or thoughts?

How can I integrate your knowledge into my daily life to soothe your signals?

Breathe deeply.

Breathe fully.

And when you are ready,
You can open your eyes

And write down the answers your cells have for you.

This is a home recorded meditation, so please accept its highly original, hand-made quality. If you would like a snazzy, high quality set of my meditations, please check out my meditation CD here.

Meditation – Joyful Body

This meditation is perfect for weight loss, increasing physical performance in sports, and just generally having a nice relationship with your body. It is a guided meditation, so it is pretty easy for first time meditators. Using headphones is good for focusing and reducing external distractions. My recordings are far from studio quality, but hey, they are completely free. 🙂

The meditation is called Joyful Body and is free, but please keep my name attached to it if you choose to share it, as I keep the copyrights.

Please let me know what your experience is. 😀

Joyful Body


This is a home recorded meditation, so please accept its highly original, hand-made quality. If you would like a snazzy, high quality set of my meditations, please check out my meditation CD here.

Abundance Meditation

Money. It can be an all-consuming topic, whether you have a lot of it or just a little. Often we are immersed in negative or fearful thoughts about money. It seems that there is a whole branch of news media dedicated to whipping up our fears about money. Like we need any help!

Abundance, true abundance, is a state of mind.

No matter what your financial situation, if you are stressed out about money, you are lacking abundance. Since abundance is a state of mind, you can change it, just as easily as changing your mind. When we leave behind old, worn out beliefs about how much we are worth, we open up to our creative, problem-solving abilities. We see solutions and opportunities where we once saw only limitations and defeat.

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Blue Ocean Meditation

If you haven’t tried meditation before, a great way to start is using a guided meditation.

Guided meditations use imagery and relaxation techniques to keep your mind busy so your body can relax and heal itself.

Other kinds of meditations, such as the repetition of mantras or silent meditation, can sometimes be difficult for beginning meditators. Guided meditation helps to train the mind and body to the feeling of meditation, making it easier to sit for longer periods and easier to use more advanced techniques.

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Creative Life

Making a commitment to write consistently in my blog is a scary thing. Being able to write from the heart and block out the internal editor is a practice that reminds me of my early attempts at meditation. I get this restless, fidgety feeling that coincides with being overwhelmingly sleepy. Sound familiar? I know I am on the right path because my poor ego is kicking and screaming.

I love writing. It is a freeing act to pour an idea, thought or feeling out onto the page. To give voice to the swirling images and sounds that float through my mind. I love the feeling of crafting sentence and paragraph, honing my skills every time I sit to write. I grew up around artists and artisans of all types. Creativity is part of my upbringing. Writing gives me the same feeling that I get when carving a piece of wood, sculpting clay, or in the rhythmic dance of knitting needles. There is something cathartic and exhilarating in letting go, opening up, and letting the words flow. The dedication to turning an empty page into my David. Finding the heart of the message and removing what is not essential to my truth.

The process is lovely. And scary. I spent far too much time in too many classrooms to believe that judgement and criticism are not waiting on the other side of the ‘Publish’ button. In reality it is only my own criticism that hounds me. My internal editor is not always nice. After making a commitment to post something every other day, I can see the same resistance to writing that I had to meditation in the beginning.  There is the feeling of being vulnerable, being exposed and the feeling that I am out on a new edge of my being and my definition of myself. In the same way that meditation challenges you to focus your thoughts and redefine your own boundaries, writing pushes me to turn within and reframe my life.

I spent years frozen in paralysis in front of the keyboard when I wrote my Master’s thesis. The looming thesis defence was enough to shut down my abilty to press even a single key without a full adrenaline wave of panic. In the end I got through that block by blocking. I blocked the eventual possibility of criticism out of my mind. I made a commitment to finish, a commitment to begin again, to return again and again. To sit. To write. Write just one more sentence. Then one more. One more.

I also turned inward. I asked the universe, God, Goddess, the Divine, my higher power, to ‘hit it’ every time I sat to write. There is something profound in stepping aside, getting your ego out of it and allowing the Intelligence within you pour itself out. I do that nearly everytime I write now, whether it is poetry or technical writing. And it makes a difference. The writing is better, cleaner, clearer. I get nice crisp, juicy sentences ariving in my consciousness. Ready to be picked, plucked and placed.

Sitting to write with regularity is much like meditating regularly. There is an initial battle with my scared/tired self who would rather shrink back into the shadows and take the easy way out. But I gently remind my little self that it is only a paragraph that qualifies as a post, that my Higher Self will do all the work and I only have to sit still for a few minutes and wiggle my fingers. It seems to work. I sit. I write. I create. I connect. Something deeper connects and when I am done, I am different.

Welcome to LunaHolistic

Hello and Welcome to my shiny new website!

I am new to this blogging thing, so please forgive my utter lack of sense and style.

The purpose of this blog is to give you a little more information about Reflexology, Reiki, and Vibrational Healing, as well as give you a chance to get to know me and ask me a few questions. I would love this blog to evolve into a discussion with you about health, life, and the nature of our quantum reality.  I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I love researching and will do my best to find the cutting edge research to back up my seemingly “woo-wooey, airy-fairy nonsense”.

My background in science may seem to be a contrast to my work at LunaHolistic, but as more research is conducted in the fields of physics, biology and psychology there is more information out there to validate my complimentary healing work. This blog will act as a resource for you to find answers to big questions, or maybe to just start asking questions.

I am also on a healing journey of my own and I will share what I am learning along the way. No one is an island, as the saying goes, and my life has been filled with some amazing teachers and complimentary practitioners. It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to some of the characters that have lit up my life.

One of my new projects is to do a knitting meditation, which I will blog as I go.  Several years ago I went to a Tibetan monk who gave me a task of reciting a budhhist mantra 100,000 times within 3 years.  Well… it has been over three years and I have recited the mantra about 100 times.  As a recovering perfectionist I have a hard time letting a challenge go unanswered.  I have recently picked up my knitting and an idea just clicked on.  I was reluctant to start something as big as 100,000 mantra recitations because I didn’t think I could possibly finish it. But when I’m knitting, I make essentially the same stitch over and over thousands and thousands of times.  Knitting has never seemed like an impossible task to me. It goes fast or slow depending on how often I pick up my needles.  It is fun and I love the sense of accomplishment at making something real.  So it clicked in for me to recite one mantra for each stitch in a shawl that is 108 stitches wide by 1000 rows long.

I have no idea how long it will take or how huge this shawl will be.  I am both an average knitter and meditator. Part of the fun is to see what I experience and part of the lesson is to not get attached to the results. I will keep you posted.


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