We’re Open!

We have a beautiful new space in northwest Calgary! I’m so happy and proud to show you around.

We took possession of the space on 14th and 20th Ave NW on April 22. And then we were busy getting everything freshly painted, unpacked and ready for you.


Bright and Fresh

The energy of the new space is light and spacious, but still cosy and comforting. Everything about it is easy and we definitely had so much Divine help finding it and moving in.

Everything flowed from the moment we needed to move. We got a lead on this space before it was even listed or available. And it was move-in-ready, a true rarity in commercial spaces. All it needed was a coat of paint!

Master Usui approves! :)

It feels like home!

Even though we’ve only been here just a short time, everything just fits.

Since we’ve been open on June 1, the Reiki sessions here have been fantastic and transformational. It’s like the Universe was waiting for us to step into this newness.

Angel Room

Location and Parking

We’re located at #105 – 2003 14 St NW. Just by Springbank Cheese Company and the Capitol Hill Community Centre. We’re just a few blocks away from SAIT and North Hill mall.

There’s free parking on street by the park at the Capitol Hill Community Centre on 20th Avenue and in the community. Paid parking is available across the street in a lot operated by Indigo.

Currently, there’s construction that has been blocking traffic on 20th Ave to the east of us.

Parking  - LunaHolistic.com

There are two free wheelchair accessible spaces. One is right next to the building by Sherwin Williams Paint. And the other is in the cul-de-sac on 19th Avenue, right next to the building.

The wheelchair ramp is at the front of the building and we’re right inside on the main floor.

Wheelchair Ramp - LunaHolistic.com

Space for You to be You

It’s definitely been a labour of love getting the new space set up and now open safely for in-person sessions. And so very much worth it!

Reiki is such a magical experience and creates more room for you to just be yourself. It’s like a huge sigh of relief for your soul.

Teaching Room - LunaHolistic.com

We’d love to see you soon!

LunaHolistic is Moving!

LunaHolistic is Moving - new space tbd

[UPDATE: We’ve moved into a beautiful new space at #105, 2003 14 St NW in Calgary. We’ll be reopening soon when it is safe.]

Yes, it’s true. We’re moving at the end of February 2021.

The building has been purchased and the new owners need the space we are currently in, so we’re moving to a new space.

We have a short timeline so we’re still looking for our new cozy space. And we’ll let you know how the search is going. So far we’ve looked at a few new options, and we’re committed to creating a wonderful new location for you.

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All Paths Lead Home

All paths lead home - Rebecca Campbell

I have pulled this card for so many people lately – myself included.



I feel the rise of powerful healers, I feel the raising of vibrations, frequencies, energy.  The earth feels like it is in constant motion with the most beautiful and cosmic of waves.  I feel the surge under my feet, around me, everywhere.  I feel like every step I take is guided, divinely, intuitively, with deep inner alignment and knowing.  I am fulfilled.  I am grateful.

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Love in the face of rejection: When your teen pushes you away

Does your teen make a plan with you and then ditch you for her friends?
Does your teen say hurtful things to you?
Does your teen squirm away when you try to be physically affectionate?

Even the nicest teens say mean things.

True story:
I remember looking at a photo of my Mom when she was a young woman wearing plaid bellbottoms, and I said, “Did you actually think you looked GOOD back then?”
Ouch! Sorry, Mom.

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Enjoying the Journey

“So often we become so focused on the finish line, that we fail to enjoy the journey.” –Dieter F. Uchtdorf

This has been coming up for me a lot lately.

In a world where we’re always striving to be someone or get somewhere, when I take a moment to appreciate my surroundings, and notice all my senses — how I’m feeling, what thoughts are swirling around me, and whether they’re serving me or not — I can consciously make a choice to react differently, because I care how I feel in this moment.

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Just for Today, I will be Grateful

Just for today, I will be grateful.

I can’t commit to being happy all the time, but I can commit to being grateful, one day at a time. In fact, it is my daily commitment to gratitude that keeps me going. Giving thanks has been part of my life for as long as I can remember; prayers at meals and bedtime, and going around the table at Thanksgiving to say out loud, in front of everyone, what I am grateful for have become rituals that I enjoy. Every time I sit down to write a birthday card I end up expressing gratitude for the qualities in that person that touch my life. Another gratitude practice of mine is when I’m feeling frazzled or anxious, I get out my journal and write out pages of things I’m grateful for, to bring me back to a place of calm and appreciation. At the end of the day, I am most grateful for my family and my health, and all my other worries seem small.

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How to get Organized Once and for All

There are three chakras that will help you with organization and clarity: the root, solar plexus, and third-eye.

Take a few minutes each morning and evening doing this practice:

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A hug from Wayne

This week Dr. Wayne W. Dyer left his body. While he had his health issues over the years, he was so active and vibrant that his death still comes as a shock.

I never had the opportunity to meet Wayne in person, but I felt, as you may too, that I really did know him. He was so personable and open about his struggles and triumphs that listening to his HayHouse Radio show always felt like chatting over coffee with a great friend and mentor.

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How to be Productive 

So. It is summer. All I want to do is … Nothing.

Yep. Nada.

I’ve been struggling with my to-do list, which is lengthy, and just really not feeling it. I don’t want to ‘To-Do’. I don’t want to do anything.

I want to goof off and play hooky. I want to nerd out on my phone for hours. And when I get tired of that. I want to watch Friends. All of them. I want to fill my mind with cotton candy fluff. I want to doodle and read Facebook.

The struggle is that there are many things, productive-mind-vegetable-type-things, that I really want and need to get done this summer. So, in the midst of all that struggling to be productive, but really not, I called a dear friend.

“Maybe you could just do nothing really well for a week. Give yourself permission to rest. Just goof off, if that is what you want to do.”


So. I gave myself permission to do nothing this week and here I am – productive.

I’m here to say that if you are struggling with procrastination and To-Do-ing, try doing nothing.

No. Really. Try it!

It is wonderful. 

Doing nothing is freeing. AND it is wildly productive.

Without trying. Without pressure.

I’m just doing the stuff I like. The stuff I enjoy. The stuff that is beneficial to me and my family. It is easy. I’m being easy in myself and energy has become available for things without trying or forcing.

Now, everytime I do something productive I feel like I am really bad at this doing-nothing thing. I thought with my procrastination skills that I would be way better at it than this.

The truth is, often when we feel pressured we don’t even know what actually needs to be on our list. What we really need is rest, play, cotton candy fluff. That rarely makes the list, but it is tremendously important.

If you are living a creative life, rest and goofing off are important. They are vital to fresh ideas and much needed perspective.

It is the cross-pollenization that is necessary to generate new ideas. We need that restorative break. Regularly. We need the cycle of rest and activity to be truly productive and creative.

So, run an experiment. Goof off this week and see what you get done! ?

The Power of Practice 

I remember trembling while speaking. Holding my paper, damp from my unsteady hands, I read my notes in front of the class. Public speaking. Blech!

Nothing was less appealing than that. 

Often I would enter this surreal, deer-in-the headlights, feeling when faced with talking in front of a group of people. So many times, the memory felt hazy. Like I was a breath away from passing out. Actually, the feeling of passing out was probably because I wasn’t breathing at all. Too panicked to breathe. Oh deer!   😉

I was fortunate to take a wonderful public speaking class in university. I was forced to speak every week. A curious thing happened. I began to open up, the shaking lessened, and my confidence soared.  

The act of practice, that was the magic key to being able to speak in front of others. The only way through it, the only way to get better, was to do it. 

There are some things that can not be learned from reading. No amount of studying from the (illusion) of safety will bring the experience that practice will. 

At some point, you must try, make the attempt. And fail. Yes. The risk of failure is there, and high. But even failure is better than hiding. Particularly if we want to pursue a worthy goal. 

Sometimes following our path takes us into the ‘uncomfortable-but-necessary’ zone. It does not (yet) feel natural, we don’t know what we are doing, there we are, feeling raw, vulnerable, maybe even frightened.  

The new, but necessary, skill is waiting there for us to keep practicing. To not give up, to not fear starting, to persist throught the efforts of the ego to convince us we don’t really need to, it would be easier if, why don’t you just sit down for a while.  

If we can keep going, keep showing up, keep leaping, we begin to see change. This change might be subtle at first, barely a whisper. But then, possibly over night, everything is somehow easier. It clicks. 

Now, I love speaking to groups of all sizes. I love the idea of reaching more and more people with this work, which I am so passionate about. I find it inspiring now. 

This did not happen overnight. It was a process of practice. Many, many years of practice, failure, patience. I kept on going because I felt it was necessary. Even though I didn’t like it, life kept throwing me in these situations where I had to speak. I got practice. 

In the midst of showing up is a huge benefit: the power of practice is that it makes you truly powerful. Everything becomes doable. Everything. 

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