Shawna Chalmers

Shawna Chalmers

Hi, I’m Shawna! I completed my level III advanced Reiki training in the Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Natural Healing at LunaHolistic under the brilliant tutelage of Reiki Master Geneva Robins in 2016. My intention is to further my training by completing my masters.

I consider myself to be a highly sensitive empathic individual, someone who’s “sixth” sense was always apparent in my life. From being sought out by friends and acquaintances to listen to their problems, to feeling the intense energy in groups of people and large crowds, as well my hypersensitivity to sound and light. Learning about Reiki energy put this odd sense of otherworldliness into perspective. As someone who has dealt with anxiety and depression my whole life, the restorative and calming aspects of Reiki has healed me in profound ways and has become a daily practice.

My interests have always been steeped in behavioural psychology, why people do the things they do and how thoughts and emotions shape our physical selves. I discovered that the vital energy that fuels the machine our souls live in breaks down physically when it’s overrun, overburdened, nutritionally or spiritually depleted, or just overwhelmed.

I am a firm believer in the body’s ability to heal itself through integrative holistic healing techniques. I view Reiki as a complementary, therapeutic healing modality designed to tap into the interrupted flow of universal life force; to balance and center the body, to quiet the mind and create stillness that allows space to bring the body’s energy into alignment. Reiki has propelled me forward in my desire to find my life purpose and has healed me emotionally.

I am also a self-proclaimed moon goddess, who believes in the pull of the moon’s energy in all of life’s cycles, and I connect deeply with animals and nature. I would welcome and love the opportunity to share my knowledge, second sight and assist you on your mystical journey of self-discovery, well-being, and emotional healing through the incredible loving power of Reiki!

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Shawna Chalmers

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Address: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Shawna is a dedicated healer who is firmly on her spiritual path and not looking back! 🙂 Through her solid inner practice, she has enhanced her natural talent for helping others through Reiki. I have personally experienced the compassion and power of a Reiki session with Shawna and have left healed. So wonderful!

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