Samantha Baldwin

Samantha Baldwin

Samantha’s Reiki journey began in 2013 after she had finished yoga teacher training. After taking a weekend Reiki intensive level I and II course, Samantha left feeling there was much to be desired. It wasn’t until taking Level III with Geneva Robins that deepened the journey not only of her own spiritual practice, but furthered her knowledge and understanding of the Universal Life Force. When we learn the art of practicing Reiki, we learn the power of intention. One of Sam’s intentions during level three of her Reiki journey was to become comfortable and confident practicing on others. Shortly after making this intention, Sam was hired on at Leela Eco Spa and Studio to practice Reiki professionally (there are no accidents!).

Samantha Baldwin has since gone on to be a bit of a Swiss Army knife when it comes to her practice. Samantha’s Reiki sessions incorporate her yoga background, her writing/journaling expertise, her knowledge of crystals and essential oils and not to mention her friends, the Crystal Tones Crystal Healing Bowls for sound healing and bathing. Samantha creates a sacred and all-encompassing healing space for each of her clients. Samantha received her Master level in January 2015 and has a rapport with doing Reiki on children.

Samantha is offering a Reiki Course (in the LunaHolistic style) in an ongoing basis. Contact her directly to sign up.

Samantha is the Founder of The Writer’s Midwife where she coaches writers one-on-one and runs generative and inspiration-based writing workshops. She is also co-founder of Breath & Bhakti, a collaborative project to expand wellness to the city of Calgary and beyond.


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Contact Samantha directly for more information on rates and availability for Reiki sessions and courses.


It has been a rare privilege to teach Samantha Reiki. She is so incredibly talented in so many fields, there were many times that I felt like the student in her presence. She is a very compassionate and skilled yoga teacher and a treasure as a poet and author. She teaches creativity, writing, yoga, sound healing and now Reiki! It is so very exciting to me that I will soon have Reiki Grandbabies through Samantha’s teaching in the LunaHolistic style. Not only is Samantha a gifted teacher, she is also a marvelous friend. Count your lucky stars if you get to have Reiki from Samantha or get the gift of her teaching!

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