Rita Reddy

Rita Reddy

I have studied Reiki under Geneva Robins and am now proud to be a Reiki Master. Reiki has helped me become attuned to higher wisdom and the healing energy that resides all around me and emanates from my fingertips. Geneva has taught me to “get out of the way” of this energy and allow myself to become a conduit for others’ healing. There are many lessons in Reiki training which help us to become attuned to our own body and its connection to the elements around us. Learning Reiki through the chakra systems allowed me to understand how our bodies are guided to behave through our environments and our experiences.

Trilotherapy is another technique that I am certified to offer. I have learned this healing modality through Zen Master Nissim Amon; a teacher who has brought together ideas from Western Psychology and Eastern Philosophy. Trilotherapy is a series of 10 workshops that will help identify the areas and events in your life that cause frustration, anxiety, depression, stress, negativity, among other things; and help challenge, change and heal unhealthy patterns for the better.

My day job is administrative duties at the Alberta Labour Relations Board.

I hope to bring awareness and healing to anyone who is ready for it. Come see me!

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Rita is amazing! From the sparkle of joy in her eye to her easy smile, she immediately puts you at ease. She effortlessly holds space for you to be your gloriously messy and unfinished self while she takes your intention for Reiki. She has a gentle, but genuine way of sharing her knowledge that always uplifts and supports you on your journey. I know, because I have learned so much from her along the brief time I was the teacher and she the student. Roles that I’m sure have reversed many times over. If you find your way to a class or session with Rita, you are a lucky one! Like I said, she’s amazing.

Geneva Robins
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