Melissa Adams

Melissa Adams

Hi! My name is Melissa. I’m a Reiki master and practitioner here at LunaHolistic. I studied under Geneva Robins and feel blessed to have her as my teacher, mentor, and friend. She’s lit a path in which I’m honoured to follow.

Being attuned to the energy of Reiki has helped me to heal my life. Giving me the tools to move past mental and emotional patterns that I previously held within.The essence of Reiki to me feels very soft and relaxing. It’s also powerfully moving.

It has the ability to lift one’s spirit, inspiring a sense of clarity to the intention one has set. During and after a session I’m able to feel a sense of ease and lightness. It’s a safe space to be exactly who you are and to visualize who you may become.

I’ve been witness to the profound shift a 90 minute Reiki session can have on a person, myself included.

So, if you’re feeling open to change — ready to expand your awareness — and you want to elevate your life in the most positive way — book a session with me right below.


Book a Reiki Session with Melissa

Melissa is all heart! She is a gifted Reiki Practitioner who genuinely has your best interests in mind when she works with you. I have experienced wonderful shifts in energy and health as a result of Reiki sessions with Melissa. Her care and compassion creates the space you need to let go of the stuff holding you back and lets you move forward with love and light in your heart.

Geneva Robins
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