Kayla Young

Kayla Young

Kayla Young is a Reiki Master in the Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Natural Healing in Calgary AB, and has graduated from The Alberta Yoga College and is a Yoga instructor. She loves bringing the healing power of Reiki, essential oils, crystals and yoga together to help her clients achieve their highest potential of healing on all levels.

She also specializes in Reiki for Animals and children.

Kayla is the founder of Beneath The Healing Tree and currently is providing Mobile Private in-home Reiki sessions and distance Reiki sessions for both people and animals in the Calgary Area.

Kayla became interested in learning Reiki after moving to Calgary from her hometown in Quebec. After completing her Level I and noticing the outstanding transformations in her life, she just couldn’t get enough and is currently offering workshops and Reiki classes out of LunaHolistic.


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Kayla Young

Phone: (403) 909-2280

Email: kaylayoungyoga@gmail.com

Address: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Kayla is a delight! Her easy smile and enthusiasm are contagious. She is passionate about all things Healing; yoga, Reiki, essential oils, you name it. Kayla is dedicated in her quest to understand the mysteries of life and reach new and deeper understandings of herself and the people and fur-people she helps on a daily basis. I have personally experienced a profound healing during a Reiki session with Kayla. She has the intuitive understanding of how to hold space for people to reach their own greatness. What a gift a session is with her! 🙂 

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