Deanne Barrett

Deanne Barrett

I love the power of Reiki to connect to a higher power and a higher purpose. As a working Mom of two preschoolers, I understand how hard it is to take time for yourself. The healing power of Reiki will help your body, mind and spirit to rest and recharge so you can be more present for your family. I love to bring together the power of intention, essential oils, and therapeutic music. Much like meditation, Reiki offers a chance for you to ease your body in to a relaxed state, which scientists have proven is optimal for healing. Reiki has given me practical tools for mindfulness and daily meditation which nourish my spirit. As a teacher I have been dedicated to supporting the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of adolescents, particularly LGBTQ youth, for over a decade. In my spare time you’ll find me walking in the trees, writing, or curled up with a good book.

If you would like to restore your physical and emotional wellbeing, please contact me directly to book an appointment. I am currently providing mobile private in-home Reiki sessions and distance Reiki sessions. Let Reiki relax and re-energize you for all of life’s adventures!

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Deanne is a dedicated and immensely talented Reiki Practitioner. She gives her full heart in everything she does and that genuine care is amazing! She really listens to you and compassionately holds space for you to share from the heart. Reiki from Deanne is a dream! 

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