Bobby Whalen

Bobby Whalen


Hi! My name is Bobby, and I started my journey in Reiki in 2014 under Geneva. I can tell you, I’ve been slowly waking up and healing. Reiki gave me a chance in life and made me the person I am today. My work and Reiki also involves singing bowl sound healing. I also love to do some self-healing in my day to day living.

Meditation has been a practice I have used since I discovered eastern Buddhism in 1998. I can tell you, having Geneva as my teacher has enriched my meditation and my way of living. I’m hoping to give that gift back to friends, family, and clients.


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Bobby Whalen

Phone: (587) 436-3651


Address: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Bobby has a big, giant heart. He genuinely cares about you and that care is everything in Reiki. His easygoing and friendly manner instantly puts you at ease. Receiving Reiki from Bobby is the ultimate in being nurtured. Enjoy! 🙂

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