Inspirational Cards by Geneva Robins

88 Oracle Cards to Inspire, Uplift, and Transform

I created these cards to provide a little dose of inspiration. You can use them as oracle cards; ask a question and pull a card without looking. Or you can pick one as a message of the day. Or you can give them away as a little uplifting message to one you love. These oracle cards are filled with love and profound wisdom. Created with help of the Ascended Masters, Angels and Abraham, these cards positively vibrate with the energy of attraction. Oracle cards are a great way to access our intuition and the wisdom of our higher self. These cards are just bang on, accurately hitting the intuitive mark. Happy!

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May these cards give you a little nudge from your Divine Self whenever you use them. Remember, you and your creations are needed in the world. Thank you for being you!

The cards are

present, relationships, family, roots, courage, decide, root chakra, manifestation, inspire, wisdom, community, comfort, hope, walk, confidence, safe, sacral chakra, life purpose, goals, laugh, self-esteem, abundance, create, intention, empower, solar plexus chakra, energy, boundaries, affirmations, trust, gratitude, write, music, calm, friends, receive, balance, veggies, forgive, simplify, love, harmony, rest, heal, children, heart chakra, let go, compassion, feet, parents, cleanse, spirit, emotions, peace, memory, optimism, relax, organize, earth, throat chakra, truth, water, innocence, clarity, dream, sleep, communicate, change, teach, third eye chakra, risk, alignment, crown chakra, sound, intuition, meditate, higher self, strength, focus, hear, enthusiasm, learn, passion, joy, aura, diplomacy, empathy, nurture, integrity, yin-yang

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