Exclusive Classes

Experience all of the benefits of my Reiki Courses in your own home in these private one-on-one courses.

These exclusive courses allow you to learn Reiki in the Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Natural Healing in the LunaHolistic Lineage.

You will learn the skills to access a stable and deep sense of happiness. I have witnessed consistent results with my style of teaching to completely transform, uplift, and inspire my students to change their lives for the better.

All Four Courses in One Year

You will get the entire course content for each of the courses: Level I – Self-Healing, Level II – Practitioner Training, Level III – Advanced Reiki Training, and Master Level.

In addition to the in-class instruction time, you will also receive between class support from me, Distance Reiki sessions included, and all of the course manuals and materials, including a set of Reiki charged crystals.

Classes will be scheduled weekly, taking into account our schedules. The consistency of the weekly classes over a year is the real power of a course like this. You get the opportunity to change at a very deep level. This is not a surface patch on your problems! It is a life-changing journey that will bring amazing results.

If you show up, do the work, follow up with the homework, and dedicate yourself to the process, you will absolutely change your life.

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Contact Me Personally   403.801.2373    geneva@lunaholistic.com

Testimonials from my Students

  • Kayla
    Level Two Practitioner
    Geneva Robins has been an incredible teacher and one of the most inspiring women in my life!
    She shines and lights up the lives of anyone who crosses her path.
    Having Reiki Healing sessions with Geneva is an incredible and awakening experience, she has helped me  over come many things that have ailed me my whole life, taught me to let go of what no longer serves me and harness the energy and power to transform and create a life that is full of love and light!
    If you are interested in ANYTHING reiki, Geneva is your girl!! <3 <3 <3 a thousand stars in my books!
  • April
    Level I Student
    Geneva lives through her heart; you can't help but be drawn in by the vibes that flow from her! She's wonderful!! xo
  • Bianca
    Level Three Practitioner
    This practice has brought so much to my life and has given me tremendous purpose as well as a  connection to others who share a yearning for personal growth and a genuine intent to serve others.I am forever grateful for such an intimate setting that embraces sharing in such a profound way that encourages self love and connection to spirit.
  • Deanne
    Level Two Practitioner
    Geneva has a gentle, playful and masterful way of guiding beginners through a variety of experiences that lead to greater intuition and healing.
  • Rita
    Reiki Master
    I've always wanted to know what Reiki is and how it works; you've showed us! And I enjoy that you're "sciencey".
  • Bobby
    Reiki Master
    It's easy. Geneva is patient and willing to teach new people a way of thinking and understanding how healing energy can be more effective in a holistic way.
  • Jamie
    Level Three Practitioner
    I've been super fortunate to have taken my reiki training with Geneva (Master G) from LunaHolistic - Her incredible insight, knowledge and overall T A L E N T as a healer and teacher has really helped shape me as a confident reiki practitioner.
  • Oksana
    Level Two Practitioner
    For the first time I have found a spiritual practice that is nurturing and compassionate. I'm not surprised that I now turn to the tools I've learned to use on a daily basis. I am so looking forward to learning more!
  • Jevon
    Reiki Master
    Geneva is a brilliant and talented reiki master, living her life through her practice of reiki and energy work allows Geneva a level of authenticity which we all seek.
  • Sandra
    Level Two Practitioner
    Geneva's dedication to her art and her passion for reiki really comes through in her loving, open and thorough approach to teaching. This course is great for someone looking for a deeper experience in their reiki journey.

These classes provide an invaluable opportunity to transform your Life.

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