Reiki Level I & II: Refresh Yourself!

This course is only intended for those who have taken Reiki courses with other instructors.

Has it been a while? Did you take Reiki with another teacher, but now want to learn in the LunaHolistic tradition? If you have already taken Level I and II and want to refresh your skills before continuing to Level III and Master Level, then this is the class for you. This class is mandatory for students new to training at LunaHolistic, but already have Level I and II.

This class will catch you up on some aspects of Reiki and self-healing you may have missed and will give you ample time to brush up on your Reiki skills. We will also cover meditation, self-healing, affirmations, and how to incorporate Reiki into daily life as a spiritual practise. You can take the Reiki Level Quiz here to see what level you are at right now.

This course is divided into four lessons. The course summarizes the material that is taught in the LunaHolistic Level I and II courses and follows the same chakra theme, with one lesson for two of the major chakras and the aura. You will get attuned to a bonus Reiki symbol during the classes and the use and practice of the symbols will be covered.


You will learn:
  • Grounding energy
  • Breathing techniques
  • How the chakras affect health
  • How to enhance your aura
  • Meditation
  • Affirmation Work
  • Ethics and Intention in Reiki
  • Structure of In-Person Reiki Sessions
  • Structure of Distance Reiki Sessions
  • Hand Positions for Specific Conditions
  • How to Follow the Energy in Your Hands
  • How to Listen Deeply to your Clients
  • How to set a Positive Healing Intention
  • How to access powerful Healing energy and remain safe
  • Deepening your self-care and meditative practice
  • Practice with affirmations, one-on-one partner sessions, and Distance Reiki.
  • Sharing and continued personal development work.

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”

— Wayne W. Dyer (I Can See Clearly Now)


Course Structure

The course is set up to run weekly over four lessons of three hours each (a total of 12 hours of instruction time). Class sizes are small (4 to 6 people) to encourage sharing and participation of everyone. I provide support in between classes and throughout your Reiki journey. This course is designed to support Reiki practitioners would would like to deepen their Reiki skills in this deeply intuitive tradition. This course is open to people who have been attuned to Level I and I by another Reiki Master.

I am very dedicated to this work, and while I am light-hearted and playful in my approach, I am also very disciplined in my own self-practise. I carefully create the best possible experience for my students. If you apply to learn Reiki with me, you will need to complete and submit a short questionnaire. I will send you the link to the questionnaire once you apply. The most important thing is not what answers you put in the questionnaire, but THAT you answer. I am looking for students who will willingly participate in their own self-healing.

What you get:
  • 12 hours of in-class instruction time in Reiki to refresh your skills and energy healing techniques in a supportive environment
  • Distance Reiki from Geneva during the course for free, upon request
  • Between class support by phone or email with Geneva, upon request
  • A full colour course manual, including exercises, meditations and homework recommendations to deepen your practice.
  • One copy of “You Can Heal Your Life” By Louise Hay
  • One copy of “Original Reiki Handbook”, by Mikao Usui, translated by Frank Arjava Petter
  • One Reiki charged and cleared pendulum
  • Light snacks and tea are also provided

Cost for Reiki Level I & II Refresher

The course cost is $350 per person (GST included).

If you have temporary financial restrictions, then you may apply here for the Angel Rate.

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Reiki Level I and II Refresher Course Outline

Class #1 – Root and Sacral Chakras

  • Gassho & Rei-ji-ho Meditation
  • Self Healing Session
  • Pendulum Chakra and Aura Tuning
  • Chakra Affirmations
  • Level I Review
  • Grounding Exercise
  • Violet Breath Exercise
  • Root and Sacral Chakra Chant Meditation
  • Sharing Circles
  • Basic Energy Theory Talk
  • Chakras Talk
  • Mirror Work Exercise
  • Abundance Meditation


  • Draw the Reiki Ideals
  • Affirmations for the Root and Sacral Chakras
  • Meditate for 1 minute a day in Gassho
  • Practise Grounding and Violet Breath

Class #2 – Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras

  • Gassho & Rei-ji-ho Meditation
  • Self Healing Session
  • Pendulum Chakra and Aura Tuning
  • Hand Positions for the Chakras
  • Symbol Practice and Review
  • Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra Chant Meditation
  • Partner Healing Session
  • Sharing Circles
  • Guided Heart Meditation


  • Affirmations for the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras
  • Practise Gassho & Rei-ji-ho (Once a day for 5 seconds to 5 minutes)
  • Practise the Reiki Symbols
  • Self-Healing Session (Once a day)
  • Forgiveness Exercise

Class #3 – Throat and Third Eye Chakras

  • Gassho & Rei-ji-ho Meditation
  • Self Healing Session
  • Sharing Circles
  • Structure of a Distance Healing Session
  • Distance Healing Session
  • Throat and Third Eye Chakra Chant Meditation
  • Energy Ball Exercise
  • Activating Intuition
  • Sensing Energy
  • Affirmation Art


  • Affirmations for the Throat and Third Eye Chakras
  • Symbol Practice

Class #4 – Crown Chakra and Aura

  • Gassho & Rei-ji-ho Meditation
  • Self Healing Session
  • Peace Symbol Attunement
  • Sharing Circles
  • Chakra Meditation
  • Reiki Share


  • Affirmations for the Crown Chakra and Aura
  • Self-Healing Session (Once a day)
  • Practise Grounding and Violet Breath
  • Practise Gassho & Rei-ji-ho (Once a day for 5 seconds to 5 minutes)
  • Self-Healing Session (Once a day)
  • Reiki Shares

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