This course is only intended for those who have taken Reiki Level III at LunaHolistic. Click here to take the Reiki Level Quiz. 

Master Level – Reiki Training

Master Level is where you fine tune your mastery of your heart, mind, speech and actions. There is a deep commitment to the craft of Reiki and a willingness to share and transmit the Reiki energy to others. Level III built on the foundation of the work you learned in Level I and the expansive work you did in Level II. Level I is primarily about self-healing, whereas Level II is the true beginning of healing others. Level III you learned advanced techniques that prepared you for journey to mastery, the Master Level.

In Master Level you develop the skills to pass attunements to your students, perform healing attunements, and to really dig in and deepen your spiritual awareness and self-practice. Self-healing is crucial to the process at the Master Level.

The title of Master is one that is earned. It is a title that only your students can give you. When you are ready to teach, the student appears. Until then, this course prepares you to hone your practise of the Reiki Ideals and master the art of Reiki.

You will learn:
  • Master Level Reiki
  • How to pass attunements to students
  • How to guide students and clients on a transformative journey
  • The deeper meaning and energy in the Reiki Symbols
  • Advanced Energy Healing Techniques such as healing attunements
  • How to prepare others to release energy blocks
  • How to continue to connect deeply with Master Usui and your Reiki Guides
  • How to create meditations and teaching activities for your students
  • Sharing and continued personal development work

Geneva is a brilliant and talented reiki master, living her life through her practice of reiki and energy work allows Geneva a level of authenticity which we all seek.

Jevon Reiki Master

I often joke that I’m learning Reiki from Geneva in cat years. I have learned more in the past 8 months, than I could have expected to in 8 years. I can truly say my life has, and continually will, transform for the best because of what Geneva has taught me. She is a tremendous spiritual guide that I know I can count on in this life, and the next.

Michael Reiki Master

“Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good.”

― Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers: The Story of Success

Course Structure

The course is set up to run weekly over ten lessons of three hours each (a total of 30 hours of instruction time). Class sizes are small (4 to 6 people) to encourage sharing and participation of everyone. I provide support in between classes and throughout your Reiki journey. This course is designed to support people who have already learned Level I, II and III to learn the master level skills needed to teach Reiki to others. Master Level can also be taken by those wishing to deepen their own spiritual growth and self-healing, beyond what was learned in Level III.

The Master Level course is only open to students who have taken Level III at LunaHolistic. If you are interested in taking Master Level in the LunaHolistic style, and you have been attuned to Level I, II, or III by another Master, please consider starting at Level I. This will give you the ability to teach your courses in the same LunaHolistic style and will also allow you to receive the extra practise time to develop confidence in your abilities as both a practitioner and future teacher. You may also sign up for the Reiki Refresher Level I & II course, if you are itching to start. The Refresher will fill you in on what you may have missed in other classes before you take Level III and Master Level. Try out the Reiki Level Quiz to see where you can expand your skills.

Reiki Masters who have trained with Geneva are eligible to re-sit any Level course for free as part of a Teacher-in-Training Program. This allows you to develop the confidence to begin teaching on your own. You are also included on the Practitioners and Teachers page on this site and Geneva will write you a personal testimonial for your website and marketing materials.

What you get:

  • 30 hours of in-class instruction time in Master Level Reiki and energy healing techniques in a supportive environment
  • Distance Reiki from Geneva during the course for free, upon request
  • Between class support by phone or email with Geneva, upon request
  • A full colour course manual, including exercises, meditations and homework recommendations to deepen your practice
  • Reiki Symbol Practice pages
  • Digital copies of the Level I, II, III, and Master Level manuals and other teaching resources created by Geneva
  • A Reiki-attuned crystal as a little graduation gift
  • An endorsement from Geneva for your promotional materials should you choose to begin a Reiki practise or teach Reiki to others
  • A listing on Geneva’s website as a Reiki Master trained by Geneva with links to your website, email, or other contact info
  • Light snacks and tea are also provided

Cost for Master Level

The course cost is $840 per person (GST included).

If you have temporary financial restrictions, then click here to apply for the Angel Rate

Once you sign up, you also have the option of paying in monthly installments.

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Reiki Master Level Course Outline

Class #1: Root Chakra

  • Gassho & Rei-ji-ho Meditation
  • Self-Healing Session
  • Sharing Circles
  • Level I, II, and III Review
  • Tibetan Master Symbol Attunement
  • Partner Healing Session


  • Symbol Practise

Class #2 - Sacral Chakra

  • Gassho & Rei-ji-ho Meditation
  • Self-Healing Session
  • Sharing Circles
  • Master Symbol Attunement
  • Reiki for Enlightenment
  • Attunement Process Discussion


  • Practise Attunement on Crystals

Class #3 - Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Gassho & Rei-ji-ho Meditation
  • Self-Healing Session
  • Sharing Circles
  • Attunement Practice


  • Practise the Master Symbols
  • Self-Healing Session (Once a day)

Class #4 - Heart Chakra

  • Gassho & Rei-ji-ho Meditation
  • Self-Healing Session
  • Sharing Circles
  • Healing Attunement Discussion
  • Healing Session


  • Use the Reiki Ideals Daily

Class #5 - Throat Chakra

  • Gassho & Rei-ji-ho Meditation
  • Self-Healing Session
  • Sharing Circles
  • Getting Ready to Release Energy Blocks


  • Practise the Student Attunement on Yourself
  • Self-Healing (Daily)

Class #6 - Third Eye Chakra

  • Gassho & Rei-ji-ho Meditation
  • Self-Healing Session
  • Sharing Circles
  • Connecting to Master Usui Meditation
  • Healing Attunement
  • Student Attunement Practice


  • Prepare teaching materials for next class

Class #7 - Crown

  • Gassho & Rei-ji-ho Meditation
  • Self-Healing Session
  • Sharing Circles
  • Teaching Practice


  • Symbol Practise

Class #8 - Aura

  • Gassho & Rei-ji-ho Meditation
  • Self-Healing Session
  • Sharing Circles
  • Reiki Share


  • Grounding and Violet Breath
  • Gassho and Rei-ji-ho
  • Self Healing Sessions

The last two classes  (#9 and #10) are dedicated to practicing Reiki attunements and master level techniques.

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