Reiki Level Quiz

This quiz is designed to help find the best Reiki Level to start at if you have already taken a few Reiki courses, but want to begin training with me.

I have taught several students who have taken Level I and II in a weekend and, across the board, they have felt like they missed out on key skills. Some people don’t feel the energy, some don’t have a meditation or self-care practice, and many feel nervous to begin giving other people sessions.

There is a huge difference between different teachers though, and you may have had an excellent teacher and feel really confident. That is awesome!

If you feel that you didn’t really absorb the information that you needed from your Reiki courses, then take this quiz to see what level you could take to build your skills and confidence as a Reiki healer.

You can submit your name and email below to have your results emailed to you (totally optional).

🙂 Geneva


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