Meditation in the Workplace

The Science of Meditation workshops are for businesses who want to access the tremendous benefits of meditation for their employees. As part of a wellness program, these workshops provide tangible and easy meditation tips and techniques that people can start implementing immediately. Meditation can improve productivity, creative problem solving, worker engagement, as well as attention and focus. Meditation decreases stress and anxiety which has immediate benefits in the office.


You will learn:
  • the basics of breathing
  • the science behind meditation
  • meditation apps and resources

Meditation in the Classroom

Geneva offers meditation workshops for teachers who want to explore bringing meditation into their classrooms. Stress and anxiety is on the rise within children of all ages. This stress not only affects children on a personal level, but also impedes their ability to focus on their learning. Meditation is a proven and safe technique to decrease stress increase well-being. Non-denominational meditation techniques are easily incorporated into multi-faith classrooms to improve creativity, focus, attention, and memory.

In these workshops, teachers are given numerous meditation resources and scripts for four guided meditations that they can begin using in the classroom the next day. The science behind meditation is explored and a short experiment is conducted to show the results of meditation. This experiment can be introduced to students to demonstrate the benefits of meditation versus other recreation like video games or television. Lateral learning is incorporated into this workshop, and ample time is given for teachers to share their experiences with meditation and to discuss ideas for bringing meditation to their students.

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