Breathe in, Breathe out.

Take a moment to listen to your heart.

Calm your senses.

Tune into your spirit.

Master G Meditations CD

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Master G Meditations CD

There! You did it! You meditated!

Meditation can be that simple. It only takes just a few moments to be still and access your higher wisdom. A simple, short, regular meditation practice can make all the difference to your life. I see it over and over in my students, a tiny commitment to something nourishing can completely change someone’s life. By stilling the mind and dropping into the heart, we gain the ability to access that stillness and peace whenever we need it.

Meditation is Focus

Meditation is focus. A meditation practice allows us to train our minds to focus on whatever we choose, for as long as we choose. The primary aim of all types of meditation is to train the mind to focus at will. Sometimes we all have trouble with unwanted negative thoughts. Meditating helps to teach us how to follow only the thoughts that are positive and productive.

Meditation teaches us to be attentive and engaged in our lives in a meaningful way. For me, the purpose of meditating is to practice and develop that quality of focused attention so that I can use it in my daily life.

Meditation is Healing

The benefits of meditation go far beyond helping our mental health. Meditation is key for reducing stress and stress-related illnesses. The effect on our bodies is profound. Just interrupting the stress response for a few minutes has an instantaneous effect on our physiology, opening the door for healing to occur.

Meditation is Easy

It is not required to sit in any particular way or to chant in another language (though you may choose to!). You do not even need to still your mind and seek the absence of all thought to meditate effectively. In fact, some of the most productive meditations are exactly when you are fidgeting and are struggling with a restless mind. The single factor that improves the results of meditating is frequency. Returning, again and again to the mediation cushion; sitting to meditate daily; that is when the true power of meditation is really felt in your life. Even if all you can muster is 5 minutes, or even 5 seconds, meditating daily creates real change.


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