It’s Official. YogaReiki, now a thing. 

It’s Official. YogaReiki, now a thing. 

I am truly blessed. 

My dear friend Samantha Baldwin and I were discussing recently how great it would be to combine yoga and Reiki into a class. With her usual Sagitarian gusto, Samantha looked at the calendar, picked a date, and started planning the class all in one swoop. It was awesome to be a fellow traveler on that ride!

We presented the class yesterday to an amazing group of yogis at Leela Eco Spa. Wow! It was a tremendous honour to be on the teacher side of the studio. Samantha taught her usual, amazing yin class complete with her skilled (and without notes) opening meditation. I did a brief talk about Reiki, answered questions, and made sure we had consent for the Reiki part of the class that would be presented later. 

I talked about the power of a positive intention to draw the energy that is needed toward you. And I felt a wave of the energy begin right at the start of the class. Sitting in Reijiho, the intention setting practice in Reiki, I could feel their unspoken intentions collecting in my hands like messages written on slips of paper. 

After the asana practice, I went around to each person when they were in Savasana, briefly giving each person Reiki, while the energy flow continued for all of them. Samantha played her glorious Crystal Tones singing bowls and the room was awash in radiant energy. 

We finished with a bow to the divine light within and Namaste. The traditional closing of yoga. 


The feedback was amazing. The sparkle and softness in people’s eyes was palpable. Everyone floated out like lillies on water. Or perhaps like lotuses. Rooted, yet restful. 

The only thing I have to add about the experience is:



Me too!


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