Meditative Mandala Rock Art

My new obsession! Learning to draw and paint mandalas on rocks. I’ve always been a collector of rocks whenever I go anywhere near the water. Something about how they look and feel. I just find they look so pretty and bring such an earthy vibe to my home. I like interesting shapes, colours and imperfections.

Like people really. Aren’t we just like the rock, travelling through the waters of life, landing somewhere to take up space on land until the tides move us elsewhere. Tumbling and bumbling through the rough waters coming to rest on the floor of calm waters. Being worn down by the constant force of the water rolling over us, taking the edges off and taking new shape as life moves us forward.

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Quantum Leaps: How Reiki Works

I have always been fascinated by distance Reiki. When I first learned about energy healing, I read stories about people being healed through sessions where the practitioner and the client were in different places, sometimes even different cities or countries. The effect of those Reiki sessions was just as powerful and profound as when they were done in person. Now that I am a Reiki Master, I have personally experienced and witnessed amazing changes in distance Reiki Sessions.

As a practitioner, I don’t do anything differently when I do a distance session compared to an in-person session, except I am visualizing putting my hands on the person and we are chatting on the phone. It is fascinating to my science brain.

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Full Strawberry Moon: Riding out the Energetic Turbulence

Hello lovely peoples!

I hope you are riding out the intense energy surrounding this full moon on the summer solstice. There was a bunch of things shifting in the world at large and it generally meant that a big ol’ spotlight was shone on any parts of your life that needed to change.

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Brené Brown on Vulnerability

Brené Brown is a vulnerability and shame researcher. This TED talk is an amazing explanation of the importance of vulnerability in our lives and how we connect to other human beings.

From a Reiki perspective, disarming the shame beast is a crucial process in self-healing. Once we are able to truly love ourselves, our ability to uplift others increases exponentially. Ultimately we need to live the example of happiness we wish for others.

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