Activating Divine Will Meditation

Activating Divine Will Meditation

Each Master Level class in Reiki I have my students create their own meditations and activities to learn the process of teaching. Really, the only way to teach is just to jump in and do it! We each take two chakras to create our lessons and I also get a chance to create some new material as well. It adds a fresh new perspective to the material we have spent a year studying together.

This term I created a meditation for the solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus is governs our personal power, individuality, and confidence. This meditation activates your solar plexus and also connects us to the Divine Solar Plexus. It is a meditation that activates your life purpose and your power to manifest miracles in your life.

Take a listen and let me know how it goes for you. The meditation is about 8 minutes long.

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Activating Divine Will Meditation


This is a home recorded meditation, so please accept its highly original, hand-made quality. If you would like a snazzy, high quality set of my meditations, please check out my meditation CD here.

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