Reiki Rocks! Let me tell you why.

Reiki Changed My Life

I love Reiki! It has personally transformed so many things in my own life. As a healing modality, I am constantly amazed at how much people can shift through Reiki. Even a session as little as 6 minutes long can profoundly shift chronic pain and trauma. The results I see in the people who take my classes are mindblowing. I frequently get overcome with gratitude for having found this work and this work finding me.

My Intention when I teach this work is: To share the gift of Reiki, to teach skills needed to support self-healing, to teach the structure and techniques of energy healing sessions, to teach the teachers and heal the healers, and to have fun with a group of talented, compassionate people with a deep desire to uplift and transform the world and its inhabitants.

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Reiki is a Spiritual Discipline

I take Reiki very seriously, but I take myself and my classes lightly. I believe that learning can be fun and that it is important to be a real, fully developed human being while doing spiritual work. I love Reiki, because it is a very practical approach to spirituality and energy work. You can reach enlightenment with Reiki, and still be able to drive a car, balance a check book, and have real relationships with other people. Reiki makes you more connected to your life, not less. The goal in Reiki is to bring spirituality into your daily experience, not to escape from a world of distractions and chaos to seek spiritual fulfillment solely.

Intention Starts the Energy Flow

To a large extent, Reiki is mind over matter, meaning that the power of focus and intent of the practitioner actually changes matter, the receiver’s body. Many of the meditations and practises you will learn in this course are so that you will learn to hold an unwavering, steady focus in your mind-body on the desired outcome of a Reiki session.

All Healing is Self-healing

Reiki energy is powerful. During a session, you receive as much or more of the healing energy as the recipient. By having a solid home practise, you can ensure that you will be able to transmit the energy fully to the person you are working with. The Reiki energy flows to the person receiving the treatment based on their deep asking on a vibrational level. It is their request for healing that starts the energy flow and dictates the kind of energy that is needed. It is the job of the practitioner is to get out of the way of what is being asked for and to allow the energy to flow cleanly.


Permission in Reiki is Always Required

I take ethics very seriously. Energy given without express verbal permission is not Reiki, it is ego. At best, Energy given without permission will do nothing. At worst, energy given without permission will do harm. It is not Reiki. Reiki is inherently egoless. It is entirely called forth by the person who asks for the session. It is not the healer who heals, it is the person wishing to be healed. The best healers are the ones that set aside their own ideas about how a person should heal and instead listen to what is being asked for by the client. I teach a deeply intuitive style where the client’s consent and participation is absolutely required, every single time.

“The true and only gift a healer has for others is this: You are able to hold the vision of their health stronger than they hold the vision of their illness.”

— Geneva Robins

My Theory on What Reiki Is

Universal Life Force Energy is the basis of Reiki. It is also called ki, chi, and prana in various spiritual traditions.


Universal Life Force Energy exists in all phenomena, in plants and animals, in the earth, sky and stars. The way Reiki energy is described is very similar to how the zero point field is described in physics.

The zero point field, or simply called ‘the field’, is the unifying energy field that exists beyond the realm of the smallest particles of matter.

Beyond the level of the atom, things get weird!

Most of the discoveries in physics are difficult to imagine and test our assumptions and beliefs about how the world actually works. In this new reality, objects can exist in more than one place at the same time, objects pop into and out of existence, and everything in existence is entangled with every other thing.

We are all connected. We are all one.

The field is aware of our thoughts and actions. We are all inextricably linked to each other through the very core of our matter.

When you take the time to raise your vibration, to heal, to be happy, you uplift everyone else.

My working theory of Reiki energy is that we access the non-local field of universal intelligence and direct that energy with the power of our intention and attention to a positive purpose.

We are channels of the energy of the stars and the earth. We transmit the energy and we are the energy.


“I don’t fix problems. I fix my thinking. Then problems fix themselves.”

— Louise L. Hay (You Can Heal Your Life)